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For all the boyfriends, fiancees or future spouses who are planning their wedding, I want to talk to you today about two inevitable and fundamental truths that you will have to face during the organization of your marriage and whose objective will be to learn to dialogue and solve as a couple until you reach a consensus on the most important issues, so that you can enjoy this process to the fullest.

Reach a common agreement on the differences!

It is almost inevitable to have differences when it comes to wedding planning, from topics as general as the place and time of the wedding to specific topics such as the guest list and the location of the same at the tables. It is normal for there to be disagreements because everyone has a certain way of thinking and expressing their opinion, my main advice in this regard is to take into consideration the participation of an external friend or relative in whom they can place the trust that this requires in order to have a third opinion. , neutral and objective about certain important or fundamental decisions that they will have to make.

Miami Wedding Planners


The most valuable of all the advice you could receive and perhaps the best and only way you can really enjoy this process, peace of mind at each stage of the process will allow you to have a “cool head” to make the best decisions at your wedding. This is where my work as a Wedding Planner plays a fundamental role to guide you in the correct way and accompany you in the appropriate way in this beautiful adventure that is the planning of your wedding.

Miami Wedding Planners – Wedding and Event Planners in Miami- Miami Wedding Venues

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