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Miami Wedding Planners

Miami Wedding Planners – Wedding and Event Planners in Miami – Wedding Planners in Miami – Miami Wedding Venues

Wedding planning in Cartagena has a very special meaning for me, because as I have already explained in previous blogs, I find inspiration in all the fundamental aspects that surround my profession, such as music, art and fashion. In this case, the inspiration comes from the history and the culture that is lived in the streets of the Walled City, in the architecture of its houses, in the color of its customs and in the happiness of its people, they are all vital elements to understand the reasons why the couple decide to get married in Cartagena.

As a Wedding Planner in Cartagena I first like to organize a walk through the Corralito de Piedra with the future spouses, visit beautiful places and learn a little more about that dream that they want to make come true. The wedding celebration in Cartagena is undoubtedly the perfect opportunity to live an unforgettable experience and enjoy every second of this unique occasion to the fullest, soak up the happiness of its environment, the rumba and the enjoyment that is perceived in the Cartagena atmosphere and just have fun at all times.

Miami Wedding Planners

I am in love with what I do, planning, creating and providing happiness through indelible memories and unique experiences to all those couples who want to make their wedding the happiest day of their lives and without a doubt, Cartagena is a magical place, immersed in so much romance and charm that it is a privilege and an adventure to have weddings there.

Miami Wedding Planners – Wedding and Event Planners in Miami- Miami Wedding Venues

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