Wedding Planners in Miami | How to start planning your wedding in Cartagena

Wedding Planners in Miami

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As a Wedding Planner my number one task with my boyfriends is to create the step by step through which we will develop and define all the topics and details that concern the planning and organization of the wedding; For this I like to start with the fundamental and indispensable question: How did you dream of your wedding? Well, from this answer derives the first step in planning the marriage: defining the style.

When a bride gives me the honor of accompanying her in this beautiful process to be her Wedding Planner, the first thing we always do is to dream what her wedding will be, and by this I mean directly the style both in the decoration design and in the concept itself. from the party. From my experience, it is essential to know the type of wedding desired and how you want to leave a mark on the guests, what to make them feel when they enter the reception, when they sit at the table and can appreciate the hundreds of details that we have provided for them.

Wedding Planners in Miami

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